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We are the youngest, the most dynamic, active, effective and creative event company in Oslo specialized in corporate and private events, weddings, launches, galas, decorations and special parties.


Who wants not to eternalize the joining of two lives?

Or turn the introduction of a product created with plenty of labor into an evermore notable banquet?

Or turn his/her special day on which he/she came into the world into a form of happiness?

And to entertain his/her friends, fellow, loved ones, customers,who will share their very special days

In the best way.

But it knows that entertaining is an art.

Hundreds of details will come together,

Plenty of labor will be invested,

Buckets will be sweated, excitement will be felt.

Failure of even one detail will take everything away from his/her hands.

Let us get excited, unsettled, sweat buckets and invest labor instead of you.

You feel happy.

Let us turn your special days into a fairy tale for you.

Let you imagine and us realize.

Since 2014, We have also got excited and happy along with many people who felt the same excitement as you do.

We have also shared the happiness of you and your guests modestly.

We are committed to create inspirations and transportation as well as make your dreams come true.

Because we are an 'Event Designing' company that provide full and complete services in all areas required by an event:


We are 'P13 Event' ...


Kontakt oss for mer informasjon om hvordan vi kan hjelpe deg med ditt arrangement eller din begivenhet, slik at det blir vellykket og et godt minne for livet, - helt uten unødvendig stress eller anstrengelser.

Proseccheria - Rådhusgaten 30 b, 0151 Oslo, Tlf: 22 42 00 80